What You Can Expect When You Do Business With Us

When I’m working with clients, I dig deep into their mission and purpose to find out what their brand really stands for. So it’s only right that you know what you can expect when you work with the Built To Succeed™ team and me. We’ve summarised these as our values, virtues and vices. If you share the same vice as us – a love of coffee and cake or Fika as it’s called in Sweden – we’d love to talk!

These Are Our Core Values


  • Lead with integrity;
  • Create exceptional value for our clients;
  • Deliver long lasting social impact;
  • Celebrate diversity and inclusion;
  • Work in partnership to champion others;
  • Value kindness and generosity highly.

Here Are 9 Things To Know About Us

  1. We don’t do average. We give 100% to everything we do, and aim to exceed your expectations.
  2. We LOVE our customers. You’re why we exist. And we do our very best to come up with content, recommendations, products and services that deliver real benefits to your business.
  3. Trust is our cornerstone. We don’t waste your time or your money. If our services aren’t for you, we’ll say so. We take responsibility when we make mistakes, and do everything we can to put them right.
  4. We believe every problem can be solved if we set our minds to it, are open to finding new solutions and put in the hard yards.
  5. Respect and kindness are at the heart of our core values. Our primary aim is to build confidence, and whilst we don’t sugar coat what we say, you can’t build confidence through put downs, arrogance and bullying behaviour.
  6. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional value. We are uncompromising when it comes to the products and services we recommend. We adhere to strict standards and do our due diligence before advising our clients.
  7. We’re here to make a BIG social impact. Giving back is integral to our values. We explain how on our Giving Back page.
  8. We’re not for everyone. We take a strong stand on diversity and inclusion. We won’t stand for any kind of -ism, be it sexism, racism, ageism or other forms of intolerance. I speak out strongly and firmly on diversity and inclusion in my writings for this website as well as on my Facebook business page.
  9. We believe in the power of coffee and cake. There is no problem that can’t be solved with help from the right cake. Normally Victoria sandwich, lemon drizzle or coffee and walnut. But sometimes only a highly decadent, very bad for you chocolate brownie will do.

Our Brand Promise

Our promise to you quite simply is that we will:

  • Make a positive and noticeable difference to your business.
  • Be worth your time.
  • Be worth your money.
  • Always deliver our very best work.
  • Meet your real needs.

Let’s Talk!

To find out more about how our services can help you to create a business that’s Built To Succeed™, book a conversation with us today and let’s get started!