How Can I Work With You On My Business?

Thank you so much for asking! I’d love to start a conversation about whether we’re a good fit to work together. Simply e-mail me to arrange an informal coffee chat. There’s no hard sell. Just solid advice and a straightforward, honest assessment of whether business consulting would be right for you.

Will You Run A Workshop For My Team?

Yes, I’d love to. If you have a team of willing participants, I can come and deliver one of my existing workshops for a fixed fee.  Alternatively if you’d like me to design a bespoke workshop for your team, I’m very happy to discuss possibilities. Please e-mail me to discuss further.

Do You Offer Pro Bono Business Mentoring?

Yes. In addition to monthly business coaching which includes mentoring, I work with one charity CEO on a pro bono basis at any one time. The charities I select are involved in delivering one or more of the Global Goals my business champions.

If you’re a charity CEO and would like to be personally mentored by me, please e-mail me to get on the waiting list and I’ll be in touch.

I Love What You Do And How You Do It. I’d Really Love To Pick Your Brains. Can We Schedule A Call?

That’s very kind of you! If you’ve a specific question you’d like help with, e-mail me to book a 60 minute Instant Business Advice session (for which there is a fee). Otherwise you can either join my community, Business and Bellinis, where you get the opportunity to ask questions directly of me.

Can I Write A Guest Article For Your Blog?

Thank you for the offer but I don’t accept unsolicited requests. I receive many requests for guest posts, and I simply don’t have time to give them the attention they deserve. Plus it’s not the direction the Built To Succeed blog is currently going. Should this change, I’ll update this section of the website.

I Love How You Write. Can I Borrow Your Copy To Use On My Own Website, Brochures Or Blog?

Yes. All content on this website, with the exception of guest articles, is copyrighted in my name, and as such, my intellectual property. This includes all resources I’ve created for you to download.

If you’re interested in reposting or reprinting one of my articles, please check out my Copyright page first.

I’ve Downloaded Your ‘How To Guides’ Can I Share These With My Team?

Absolutely! I know you’ll understand that the value you got from the resources I’ve created is the result of years of experience and is therefore a unique and copyrighted product.

What isn’t okay is to recreate my resources and offer these to your own clients, or to repurpose these for your website. This is because I’ve invested considerable time creating what I hope are really valuable resources, and these are my intellectual property.

Can I Interview You?

Possibly. I receive many requests for interviews so I do my best to be available for interviews where these align well with Built To Succeed. If you’d like to interview me, please e-mail me with more information and I’ll be in touch.

Will You Come And Speak For Me?

Yes I’d love to. Please check out my Speaking page. In the first instance. My speaking fees start at £500 plus expenses. I don’t normally charge travel expenses within London and Sussex.

Do You Accept Advertising?

No. Built To Succeed is an advertising free space.

Will You Run An Affiliate Launch For Me?

No. I don’t run unsolicited affiliate launches for people I don’t know very well, and whose products and services haven’t delivered outstanding results for me.

Can I Intern For You?

That’s kind of you to offer! I don’t currently have any opportunities for interns but this is something I’m seriously considering. If you’re interested in interning for me, please complete e-mail me with more information and I’ll be in touch.