Here's What To Do When You Experience Self-Doubt

Many of us know what it’s like to experience imposter syndrome; that pernicious, doubtful inner voice that tries to trip us up, preventing us from achieving what we’re capable of.

5 Strategies For Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

Maybe this story of will resonate with you? On day one of my new job as a CEO, I sat down at my desk, surveyed my office, and thought to myself, ‘what am I doing?’ I’ve never been a CEO. How will I know what to do? What if I can’t do this job? What if they’ve got the wrong person? The fact that my predecessor had left the office piled high with mounds of paperwork – with no explanatory notes – only added to my rising feelings of anxiety.


Standing Up For Perfectionism and The Strive For Excellence

Listening to Roger Federer’s post-match interview following his eighth Wimbledon title, I was struck by the comments he made about his desire to play the perfect tennis match. On the one hand this is an aspiration that has driven his whole career. On the other, he understands that ‘the perfect match’ is unattainable.

The Essential Role of Business

The fact is that Federer is driven in large part by perfectionism. This is reflected in his record breaking achievements on the court. Don’t worry, I’m not going to list them all! As well as his philanthropic endeavours off the court. Federer’s Foundation is set to open its 81st pre-school in Malawi, and aims to provide educational opportunities to 1 million children by the end of 2018.


7 Top Tips For Being Productive From Home

When we think about our favourite brands, we see their success. We forget that many entrepreneurs started their business from the kitchen table, and worked their way up from there. This is exactly how Chrissie Rucker, founder of one of my favourite brands, The White Company, started out:  running her business from home until it became full to overflowing with boxes.

The Smart Guide To Running Your Business From Home


It was five years after officially launching The Everygirl, one of my favourite lifestyle blogs, that the team moved into their first office space. The team had always worked remotely from home with staff in both Boston and Alabama, but after they hired two full-time employees from Chicago, the timing was right for a centralised workspace in Chicago’s West Loop.

Iconic brands really can be launched from the kitchen table. But with so many distractions, running your business from home can be a challenge. Follow these top tips to get the most from your day and set yourself up for business success.


Achieve Your Greatest Goals By Using A Weekly Achievements Tracker

Last week, I shared my process for quarterly reviews. The reason? Quarterly reviews are a habit I started as a CEO, and have continued over the past 14 years. This process of reviewing and planning is indispensable, providing a regular shape and rhythm to the way I run my business. But if you want consistent business results, reviewing and planning are not enough. For a business to evolve into a brand, your plan has to be implemented consistently on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


The truth is that regardless of your business experience and skills, given enough time, you can succeed at almost anything if you are consistent in your business habits and routines. The number one reason why incredibly talented and highly motivated people don’t succeed in business is inconsistency. They start out all guns blazing, but their efforts fizzle and peter out long before they’ve built up any momentum.


And How To Stop Them Knocking You Off Course

Today is moving day. I’m relocating from London, where I’ve lived for the past 32 years, to the Sussex south coast. Now let’s be clear. I’m not writing this article as the removal team pack up around me! I wrote it a few days ago and scheduled it in advance, ready to publish today. This article is about how to respond to unexpected setbacks after all.

move. lots of cardboard boxes in an empty new apartment. For the blog How Do You React To Unexpected Setbacks?

If you’ve ever bought and sold a property in the UK, you’ll know it’s not the most straightforward process. All the logistics happen once you’ve had your offer accepted, found your dream home and instructed solicitors to act for you. This means there is plenty of opportunity for the unexpected to happen, and things to go wrong. Last week was a case in point.


Why Its Important To 'Follow Your Gut' In Business

Most of us experience ‘gut feelings’ we can’t explain, like making snap judgements about people we’ve only just met, or falling in love with a property when we’re house hunting. I had an intuition recently about a decision I’d made, and wasn’t sure whether or not I should trust it.

Portrait of beautiful young woman working in the office.

I’m in the process of moving to the Sussex coast and want to build a new network of business associates in the area. I’ve been researching different networking groups in an around the Brighton area and decided to join one. A few weeks later I wasn’t sure about my decision. I had that nagging feeling, or intuition, that this decision wasn’t right. But I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt this way.

On the face of it, I had no rational evidence to explain my intuition. So I hesitated about whether to listen to it or not. But at the back of my mind were reminders of the times I didn’t trust my intuition – only to regret this later on. Sound familiar?