A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.” ~ H. Stanley Judd

The value of a business plan is often debated in entrepreneurial circles. For every business owner with a well-thought out business plan, you’ll find one that either says they launched their business with a few scribbles on the back of a napkin or writing one is a complete waste of time.

So what are the facts?

Research has proven that:

  • People thinking of starting a business are 2.5 times more likely to do so if they have written a business plan.
  • Those businesses with a written plan are twice as likely to be successful than those without. This is because it’s been proven over and over that people with clearly identifiable, written goals and milestones are more likely to hit them.

Without a business plan, you’re effectively sailing blind. Without a clear sense of purpose, backed up by strong company values, your business is rudderless and will drift. Without an analysis of the competitive environment, your business will be sailing in uncharted waters. Without financial forecasts, it’s impossible to know what level of budget and resources you will need to achieve your business goals.

This is where Denyse Whillier and her Built To Succeed™ team come in.

Our Founder

A former CEO, and trained at Cranfield School of Management, Denyse is regarded as having one of the sharpest brains in the business coaching and consulting industry. Here are three primary reasons Denyse Whillier stands out in the development of business strategy:

  • Denyse’s background as a CEO means that she can join the dots between your business plan, your higher-level goals and determining the right strategies for your specific business to deliver tangible results.
  • Her 25 years of practical leadership and managerial experience running organisations means she knows what does – and doesn’t – deliver results.
  • Her track record in marketing and PR, securing press coverage and being featured in The Guardian, the Telegraph, the London Evening Standard, regional and local newspapers as well as interviews on BBC radio.

Based on her experience, Denyse has come up with a methodology to take businesses to the next level and beyond. She calls that methodology Built To Succeed™, and it is founded on 10 success pillars.

The Business Planning Process

The process for developing a business plan for your small business can take between 3 days and one month depending on the complexity of your business, the level of market research we undertake and your budget. This is a bespoke service, tailored to your needs and resources. The process for developing your business plan includes:

  • A deep-dive “discovery” session.
  • A review of your business goals.
  • An audit of your current business plan.
  • Competitor and industry analysis
  • A SWOT and PESTLE analysis
  • An evaluation of your brand.
  • Customer and staff interviews and/ or feedback

The outcome of this process is an easy to action business plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your business, its budget and the resources available to implement it.

This plan will include:

  • A review of your industry, opportunities and threats.
  • An evaluation of the relative strengths and weaknesses of your business with recommendations to make improvements.
  • Recommendations on tone, your USP and brand positioning.
  • Recommendations on pricing strategy.
  • Advice on strategies for improving customer retention and loyalty.
  • An easy to use, highly actionable operational plan
  • Recommendations on marketing.
  • Financial forecasts and cash flow projections.

A more in-depth plan could include:

  • Feedback from your customers and other relevant stakeholders, including team members.
  • A change management plan.
  • A review of your website, SEO, content marketing strategy and use of social media.
  • A detailed marketing plan for the forthcoming year.
  • Follow-up calls and advice.
‘I really wanted to let you know how incredibly helpful I found my business planning session with you. As you know, I’ve been in business for a very long time and in spite of that there were elements of my financials that I was never completely certain of because I was having to adjust and tailor them to my industry. It was great to be able to share this with you to get your feedback and also get suggestions that were really on point about how to make the system I created even better and to really use it as a tool to grow my business and take it in the direction I want it to go with the financials supporting me along the way.’Jenny Hong

A Longer Term Partnership

Once your business plan is complete, you might like to:

  • Work with Denyse on an ongoing basis to implement your business plan.
  • Engage us to provide ongoing strategic marketing advice to support the delivery of your business objectives.
  • Take up our ‘done for you’ marketing services so that our team project manages and executes parts of your marketing plan for you.

Let’s Talk!

To find out more about how our services can help you to create a business that’s Built To Succeed™, book a call with us today and let’s get started!